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Remote Education at Launton School

Launton School is prepared for a situation whereby we need to close a class or the whole school if there is a Covid-19 outbreak.  In all situations the school will work with Public Health England and follow their advice with regards to any closures.

Our main method of communicating with the children and parents will be through our Launton Online Classroom. All children have their login for Microsoft Teams, where the online classroom is based, and all children have practised logging in at school. Parents are welcome to contact their child's class teacher with academic or well-being concerns and should use the discussion page in the online classroom in school hours to do so. Emails sent to the school office will be forwarded to your child's class teacher or to the person most able to help. Teachers will offer feedback on the work that children submit in their Launton Online Classroom.

See below for the link to the: Code of Conduct for Online Classroom 

Further information can be found by reading below: Remote Education: Information for Parents 

 Home Learning Devices

Whilst Launton Online Classroom can be accessed from any mobile device with internet access, it is preferable that children have access to a device such as a tablet or laptop to complete some of the remote learning work.

If your child does not have access to a device such as a laptop or tablet to use for Remote Learning, and you are unable to acquire one, or you are struggling with internet access, please contact us.

Pupil engagement and well-being

During any period where some pupils are unable to attend due to Covid-19 , the school will continue to monitor pupil engagement and safety. Teachers will contact families every week by telephone. If a pupil does not make contact with the school on any day then we will follow our procedures to ensure that pupil is safe. If your child is poorly and can't check in during the day then you must let the office know this by telephoning or emailing school.

If your child is absent because they are self-isolating then their class teacher will be in contact to make arrangements for learning at home during that time.  There are two days work on the class pages of the school website which should be used on the first two days that the child is learning at home, if they are well enough to do so.


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